Doylestown Theater

Submission for the Doylestown Theater Ideas Competition. 

Second place winner.

This proposed Doylestown County theater addition features an outdoor courtyard along East State Street. Behind this courtyard, the shell of the masonry core of Poor Richard’s (early 1800s) is re-purposed into a glazed, open-floor, two-story lobby and event space filled with natural light. From here, one can either access the existing lobby and Theaters 01 and 02, or enter the new Theater 03 on the other side the existing masonry wall.

The courtyard takes the form of an outdoor colonnade. Sheltered from inclement weather by a roof trellis, it serves as a buffer between the theater expansion and the street, while simultaneously acts as an extension of the relatively narrow State Street sidewalk. In this courtyard, thoughtfully laid-out hardscape, planters, trees and seating make it the perfect space for social events and receptions.

The colonnade’s blue and yellow color palette unifies the addition with the existing art-deco facade, while the re-purposed masonry core of Poor Richard’s pays tribute to the rich history of Doylestown. The transparent lobby wall engages theater goers with pedestrians, while the courtyard invites the general public with its extraordinary sense of openness.

This new façade is thus layered rather than flat, ever-changing rather than static, connecting the theater and the street rather than separating them.