500 year render.jpg

Rhythm of Salvation

Submission for the 117th John Stewardson Competition in Architecture 2018.

Final Judging on 2 March 2018

This project explores the long-term intentions of the Altar for Peace and the ultimate demise and transition of the altar into its next states. The rhythm of salvation is explored to extend the intended spirituality of the Altar for Peace past its physical death in a beautifully designed way.

The building is designed to let the Altar for Peace and the people within the space to be the primary focuses and only source of ornamentation. By removing material distractions, opening the building to the natural environment and rounding the building in floor plan and section, the House of Peace encourages people to pay attention to each other within the space and promote conversation and reflection.

Using cutting edge technology, the concrete shell is constructed in layers of steel cable, metal mesh reinforcement, natural polymer fabric, and sprayed concrete. The polymer fabric has a mix of aspen and birch tree seeds freeze-dried and placed within water-resistant compartments to ensure longevity.

Overtime, the concrete is intended to crack and rip the fabric, allowing the seeds to root and grow out of the dying structure. The metal cables that reinforce the concrete are then transformed into the framework for roots and saplings to grow out of, creating a cavernous root structure able to be used 10,000 years in the future.